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Every company that wants to grow and successfully trade on the internet needs coverage and must offer real added value so that a newly acquired customer remains a constant customer. You need a common thread so you don't get bogged down in the endless possibilities of digital marketing.

Blackbit is gradually consolidating fragmented system landscapes into an integrated e-commerce platform. We optimize the user experience and monitor the costs. We will help you find an e-commerce platform that meets your goals and your company and support you in creating your own online store. We monitor the initial and expected operating costs.

Value of Online Store Systems

An online shopping system is the foundation of your e-commerce strategy. It should be chosen carefully and meet your goals, requirements as well as financial and human resources. In addition, your shop system must have sufficient development potential to meet your future requirements and the wishes of your potential customers. Both ways: via desktop and via mobile devices.

If you already have your own online store, we review and evaluate it based on a jointly developed strategy and, if necessary, adapt both the strategy and the shop system.

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Best Solutions for Experienced Clients

If you, as an online retailer or medium-sized company, want to constantly increase your online sales, there is a growing need for support systems to automate as many processes as possible and improve the quality of customer service. If you run a fixed-term business, the cash register system and the online shop must be connected.

We Care About the Comfortable Development of Your Store

Blackbit has been a strong player with proven experience within the field of digital commerce. For our customers, mostly from the upper-middle class, the digitalization of economy and society is their chance to realize their entrepreneurial goals. For decades we have not stopped improving the acceleration and development of our company through an outstanding partnership and brand experiences. Leran more about how Styla’s Frontend Experience Platform and the CMS allows digital teams to deliver commerce- and customer experiences at a precise scale.

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