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11 Aug 2021 Import, Export Updates Pimcore

Blackbit comes up with a new Pimcore plugin. The "Backup & Sync" bundle enables data backup and synchronization with other Pimcore systems.

Backup & Sync Bundle von Blackbit

New extension: Backup and synchronize Pimcore systems

The plugin adds three new commands to your Pimcore command line:

  • backup:backup - backs up all necessary files and a database dump to a zip file
  • backup:restore - restores Pimcore status based on previously saved backup
  • backup:sync - synchronizes database and files between two Pimcore systems (e.g. to synchronize the development system with the live system)

backup: create restorable data sets

It is important to backup the files and the database at almost the same time, because some database records refer to files (e.g. versions) and some files refer to database columns (e.g. data object fields). So the backup of the files and the database is done in parallel. Restorable and temporary data as well as logs are not included in the backup in order to keep the file size small.

Synchronization between Pimcore systems

If one Pimcore system is to be synchronized with another, this can now be done using the command "backup:sync". For the synchronization to work, the bundle must be installed in both the source and the target system.

In combination with the Process Manager Bundle, it is possible to trigger a backup, restore or sync with another Pimcore system via button directly from the Pimcore backend.

More details about the new sync bundle can be found on GitHub, for further questions and technical support please contact David Gottschalk.

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