Fruitful partnership: Blackbit CEO Stefano Viani in an interview with Pimcore.

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26 Feb 2021 E-Commerce Digital Agency Partnerships Pimcore

Communication is our business. That's why it plays just as important a role in our relationships with our partners as it does in our day-to-day business. The long and successful partnership with Pimcore is reason enough for a few frank words.

Pimcore and Blackbit have just successfully completed the darned seventh year. The partnership has been in place since 2013 and it couldn't be going better. Based on the platform, Blackbit has realized numerous large and small projects in recent years. Blackbit has also just recommended and sold the first Pimcore Enterprise Subscription.Blackbit und Pimcore - erfolgreiche Partner im E-Commerce.

In an interview with Pimcore Community Manager Thalena Rumi, Blackbit's CEO Stefano Viani talks about the enduringly successful partnership, the benefits of membership in the Pimcore Community, and much more surrounding the shared history of Blackbit and the open source digital platform.

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