Pimcore Inspire 21: Blackbit is on board

Kathrin Nette

Inbound Marketing & Text

24 Sep 2021 e-Commerce Pimcore

As a Pimcore Gold Partner, our participation in the digital conference is assured. Preparations are in full swing and we are looking forward to an exciting event and inspiring input. Let's go to Pimcore Inspire!

BlackbPimcore Inspire 21 - Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihr gratis Ticket!

Save The Date: November 18, '21

This year, the Pimcore community will gather at the Pimcore Inspire digital conference on November 18 to learn about the latest product features and the Pimcore roadmap, listen to talks from all corners of the Pimcore universe, and engage in conversation. Blackbits CEO Stefano Viani will also contribute to the program again this year with a contribution from the field. The topic: the integration of Hubspot via Pimcore at long-time Blackbit customer Antonio Viani Importe GmbH.

CEO Stefano Viani hält einen Vortrag auf dem Pimcore Inspire 2021

  • Strategic Consulting
  • IT Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Implementation of the 3C strategy

Blackbit's Web Developer and Pimcore Author of the Year 2019 Jan Walther will also be attending Pimcore Inspire with a post showcasing the powerful Data Director Bundle with a live demonstration.

Web-Entwickler Jan Walther hält einen Vortrag auf dem Pimcore Inspire 2021

  • Creation of imports and exports
  • Advantages/comparison to other import & export plugins for Pimcore
  • Live demo: configuration of an import and an export
  • Creating REST APIs (import and export interfaces to external systems)
  • Automating imports, exports, and data validation.

Be there!

This year, Pimcore Inspire is free to attend and open to all interested parties. Secure your ticket now and get to know the powerful Pimcore platform even better, discover new possibilities and find out what the future holds with Pimcore.

Don't want to wait?

If you already have questions about Pimcore and the possibilities of the open source platform, feel free to contact us directly!

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