DevOps and Cloud   

Development and operation (DevOps) is the key to effective deployments.

To speed up a software release and ensure the reliability of applications, DevOps combines development, Quality Control techniques, and operations. Thanks to DevOps, daily operations with a long-term perspective are more effective. Flexible cycles allow you to get the right results faster and with fewer risks.

DevOps creates an environment for collaboration between developers and IT, mostly with the powerful application of cloud technologies, a transition that is necessary for every company that wants to remain successful and competitive.

Get Faster Infrastructure and Flexibility for Your Business

To get faster infrastructure and flexibility for your business you need to migrate your local resources to a cloud. This will reduce operating costs, reduce time-to-market and increase process efficiency. A flexible cloud architecture allows companies to efficiently manage their resources and easily scale them according to individual needs.

They also improve and increase the efficiency of organizational processes, reduce costs and promote innovation in product development. In addition, common integrated components ensure closer collaboration between teams so that software can be developed and deployed in just a few weeks, rather than a few months or years.

Because of new challenges, such as pandemics or hostilities, companies are experiencing macroeconomic changes that require even greater workload flexibility, efficiency, and improved productivity. All this puts the hybrid cloud in the category of mandatory and even necessary technologies.

Specific Security

At Blackbit, we use the most powerful tools available to ensure data security, high availability, and regulatory compliance. When designing a cloud security system, we guide companies on specific security issues to meet both regulatory requirements and budget constraints.

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