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We create the best user experiences and taking into account all business needs

We design and develop a user experience that makes your user's life simple. The main goal of UX is to simplify the user's journey through digitalized products, no matter how difficult the task may be: We will bring the user towards the goal using the best way in the shortest time. Our high attention to UX expertise brings high results to your business because we take all of the business requirements into account and care about all of the characteristics and aspects of its users.

Upgrade Your User Experience

We are a digital commerce company and we know the needs of modern users. A beautiful User Interface is as important and necessary as a smooth and intuitive User Experience that takes your product to the next level.
We base our UX development first of all on users' behavior, needs and goals. The easier and more intuitive a design is the more satisfied users you'll have, which means a higher positive characterization of your business. We determine four fundamental points that determine the success of the user experience. 

Value of DXP User Experience Services

User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services and its products. Our DXP UX/UI department develops unique solutions that will suit your business and requirements. We will research your business goals, your users, your marketing, and your branding. A UX designer is concerned with the story that begins before the device is even in the user’s hands.

We Follow Usability Heuristics

Earlier we told you about the usability and benefits of the User Experience design that is created with the users in mind. Usability owns a very large part of UX design and it also includes such important parts as Usability Heuristics. These heuristics have long been explored by beginners in the world of usability design when the field was just starting to evolve. They have been supplemented and modernized with the impact of digitalization on our world. Heuristics are based on the basic rules of usability and provide an opportunity to build a crisis-resistant design, anticipate problems,  prevent problems or simply solve them. 

Such roles are called  "heuristics" because they are good recommendations and not specific and straight usability guidelines. And we love to use such recommendations because they really help to understand users and to keep in mind different user journeys as well as build strong and stressless user experiences for our clients. It helps to build smooth user journeys through the product, prevents possible mistakes that may be distracting, and helps to resolve them quickly with minimal user effort. 

Each of our projects is carefully tested. We test not only bugs but also the interface and usability itself. Everything should work and bring pleasure to the user. Usability heuristics testing also has a place in our testing. We care to build beautiful, intuitive, and user friendly designs. 

Explore DXP User Experience Processes

Creating a good design requires immersing yourself in the details of the business, its requirements and needs, hours of brainstorming, exploring target groups and separate users, and of course: inspiration. We communicate with the users visually and care to make this dialog as pleasant as possible for them.

If you want to learn more about our methods and processes of creating a design, you can download a presentation that we have prepared specifically.

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