E-commerce marketing is highly effective if it is carried out in a continuous cycle of action, measurement, analysis, and optimization and adheres to a comprehensive strategy. It includes all methods of online marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), social media marketing (SMM), newsletter, and email marketing as well as affiliate marketing.

Digital Commerce Efficiency Roadmap

The Digital Commerce Efficiency Roadmap is a guideline for the specific implementation of online marketing activities in e-commerce. The roadmap is divided into three topics, each with three focal points. Themes and priorities build on each other so that related activities can reach their full potential. The measures complement the key indicators we use to test whether our measures are having the desired effect. We work on each topic for a certain period of time, but not less than three months. If we changed topics faster, the focus would be lost and the success of marketing activities would be jeopardized.

Platforms and Opportunities

Due to the interaction of activities on and off the field, as well as due to a large number of methods, platforms, and opportunities offered by online marketing, there is a risk of rapid loss of path. Without an e-commerce strategy, success in online commerce largely depends on chance. But even with a strategy and clear goals, practical guidelines for effective implementation support Backbit specialists in their daily work.

E-commerce Development Strategy

Many service providers specialize in creating and programming an online store. Others focus on online marketing. An overall marketing plan that is more comprehensive than increasing sales is often just rudimentary. Successful e-commerce development is impossible without combining strategy, platform and e-business development. The design and structure of the online store, as well as further marketing, should be consistent with the strategy, which aims to name specific goals and describe how to achieve them.

Backbit works with you to develop a strategy or review an existing one. We analyze your online store, make suggestions for improvement or offer a restart and, if necessary, implement it on leading e-commerce platforms. Our flexible interdisciplinary teams of developers and marketers ensure that on-site and off-site activities go hand in hand.

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