Engineering Excellence

We accelerate the development of your company through outstanding brand experiences and relevant added value.

30 Years of Digital Engineering

In our 30-year history, we have accelerated dozens of businesses and completed hundreds of projects with our friendly, customer-focused team of professionals.

Our Heritage and Relations

Blackbit values long-term, trusting relationships. We have been developing and supporting the digitalization of our loyal partners for over 15 years.

Flexible service models

Our service model and technology stack is oriented to customers’ needs and is adaptive to individual business cases.

UI/UX Design from scratch to success

Our UX/IU expertise will boost your idea to pixel-perfect market-ready product with an excellent user experience.

Kyiv Tribe Services

Our professional services provide expert support at every stage, whenever you need it, from ideation and development to deployment and use.

Blackbit - With Innovative Methods to Success

We accelerate the development of your company in digital commerce through outstanding brand experiences and relevant added values. In doing so, we rely on leading technologies, an agile corporate organization and innovative methods that put people as users, business partners, and employees at the center of everything we do.

In this way, we make our contribution to positively shaping the future.


IT services for the retail industry change much faster than others. We provide the necessary pace of development for your company.

Social Network

Would you like to network socially with your customers? We are at your service. With our tech stack and experience, we can build a social network to suit your needs.


Our innovative technologies can help companies in the fashion industry to stay ahead of the curve. In a fast-paced market, many things depend on their digital and analytics capabilities.


Plan, procure, store, sell and analyze on a unified IT platform with our wholesale software. We can help you improve the uptime of your critical systems.

Event Management

We offer numerous tools for event managers and their customers. With our solutions, you gain valuable time, receive more event inquiries and increase the turnover per guest.

Our Partners

Kyiv Tribe Experience Excellence

Our job is to solve your problems as simply and as quickly as possible! We use exclusively innovative and technological approaches. Our development methodology is state of the art. We use a whole range of tools so that we can solve all problems: from the simplest to the most complex and even extremely difficult. We do not have a fixed template for our clients, because our approach to them is individual. The quality of our work ensures the stability of your business for a long period of time.

We Work as a Team

We value the individual commitment of our employees as well as the cooperation in a team. We respectfully question decisions with which we do not agree, even if this is uncomfortable or exhausting. We fight for the best solution and are not afraid to ask critical questions. We look for different perspectives and we never stop testing our beliefs. Once we have reached a consensus, we work with perfection. Competence, focus on results, and respect – that is what makes our team successful.

We Deliver Quality

We do not compromise on quality. Our services and solutions are indisputable. We think wide and try to see the whole picture without losing sight of the details. In this way, we recognize important influencing factors in advance and can deliver results of the right quality and on time. Even when we have to step back, we face challenges and never give up.

We Are Agile

For Blackbit, agility means being flexible, adaptable and ready for change. Changes involve many risks, just like insisting on proven and tested solutions despite rapidly changing framework conditions. We, therefore, estimate the risk and take small, revocable steps, analyze and evaluate the results. Only then we decide whether we should continue to develop in this direction. In this way, decisions and actions can be revoked and do not have to be extensively examined in advance. We value willingness to take evaluated risks.

We Are Growing - Personally and as a Team

Since we are constantly developing as a company, we are interested in the professional and personal development of our employees and in creating convenient conditions for the development of their potential. We love to hire new team members from whom we can learn and who will improve our knowledge and implementation skills.

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