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High standards of developments and attentive quality control

Quality control is one of the most important steps within the development on which the further result depends. Quality Control and Quality Assurance work hand in hand, not only to find existing bugs but also to prevent many problems that may arise in the process.

  • Finding defects in requirements or the design before the development process started. 

  • Finding defects parallel with the development process (iteratively) and immediately fix it.

  • Defects after release: As there is a lot of functionality added it gets more difficult and expensive to fix it. It also significantly increases the risk of additional defects after the fix.

  • Impact on the reputation of a company: Additional loss of funds may be caused by customer support/maintenance. 

Fixing a bug during the development stage is much faster and cheaper than in the finished product. This not only saves the development team and customer money but also prevents possible frustrations on the user side, which can cost even more.

Value Of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

How much money does a faulty software project cost us? First and foremost it costs users and clients. And it is well known that the longer a bug goes undetected in software, the more difficult and expensive it is to fix it. By employing QA testing throughout the software development process, we will save time and money after deployment. By making QA software testing a clear priority for software development, we are sending a message to our clients that we want their software to be as successful as possible. This is incredibly important when we’re in the business of delivering quality and forging long-term relationships.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services at Blackbit

We care about our customers and their business and value the trust that lasts for years, for which we are constantly improving our skills and technology. As an official Styla partner, we provide external support and development services by handling customization and development of the services needed, therefore providing full IT support for our Styla clients. We care to make your collaboration with Styla easy and more efficient.

QA Consulting Services

Our experts help you launch high-quality software by developing an overall Quality Assurance strategy or optimizing your existing Quality Assurance processes.

Manual Testing Services

We provide manual QA software testing services from the perspective of the end-user, allowing you to build mobile or web solutions that fit your user most.

Automation Testing Services

We accelerate your testing processes without compromising its effectiveness while сovering all aspects of software testing from usability to performance and security.

Mobile Testing Services

Our testing team checks all the aspects of your iOS or Android mobile app, makes it fully user-friendly, and helps pass the app store approval.

eCommerce Testing Services

Our team will inspect your eCommerce app to ensure relevant customer experiences and ensure the success of your business.

Compatibility Testing Services

Our experts ensure your product provides a flawless User Experience on all platforms and devices.

Exploratory Testing Services

We identify crucial bugs rapidly without wasting time on documentation to ensure your product's success.

Functional Testing Services

We help ensure your product features work as expected on all supported devices and platforms, and any feature updates won’t affect the existing functionality.

QA Maintains Great User Experience

It is becoming more and more clear these days that User Experience will make or break a product. If the software is glitching or slow, then it impedes the experience of the user with the product. Bad user experience results in dissatisfaction and frustration. Good user experience, what we get when we have meticulously tested a software product, results in a satisfied user – one who is much more likely to recommend the product and the business to others.

If we are creating software that we will market or sell, then investing in QA will mean that we can sell your product at a higher rate. There is nothing worse than an angry user who paid for a product that doesn’t quite work. By offering quality software that works when and how we want it to work, it will be boosting the reputation by producing happy customers. Don’t tax a customer’s patience with defective software that we have to fix constantly. Give them quality from the beginning and they’ll reward with loyalty.

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