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Blackbit is a strong partner with many years of experience in digital commerce. For our customers, most of whom are based in the upper middle class, the digitalization of the economy and society is a unique opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial goals.

We advise our European clients strategically on their way to a digitalized market, implement digital commerce platforms with agile, growth-oriented methods and thus support effective and sustainable corporate development. Any challenges on the way along will be faced as a future-orientated team.

Blackbit presents: Styla

Since Blackbit's inception in 1989, we have partnered with manufacturers and providers of digital services and innovative technologies to support the development of our business and deliver excellence and brand experiences to our customers.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Styla. Styla's front-end experience platform and CMS enable digital teams to deliver accurate customer experiences at scale.

Styla CMS

Styla's intuitive CMS system is optimized for marketers and can be easily integrated into already existing systems. Blackbit provides the complete setup, integration, onboarding, all necessary customizations as well as customer service.

We help you transform your webshop into a user-friendly and conversion-optimized shopping experience through high-quality content – based on Styla's perfect CMS and complemented by our sounded Digital Experience Services.

Platforms in which Styla CMS can be integrated.

Styla Frontend

Styla's frontend hosts your entire frontend and puts it on a state-of-the-art Prerender architecture from Jamstack. This allows for sub-second load times, literally creating the fastest possible version of your shop. Leading brands such as JD Williams, Holland & Barrett, Foot Locker, OTTO and HENKEL use Styla's no-code platform to optimize their front ends without the need for ongoing IT or agency support.

Styla perfectly supports mobile versions and thanks to the PWA technology, your shop is thus always up to date in the mobile playout. The mobile experiences are fast, error-free and accessible even when users are offline.

You can find more information about the Styla Frontend here.

The Target Group

The target group of Styla CMS are usually large companies from the fashion industry with an online turnover of more than 100 million dollars. These companies choose Styla CMS to enrich their e-commerce platform with content.

Styla offers this target group an intuitively designed Commerce Cloud solution with many instances, which can be expanded as desired and completely tailored to the needs of the company. The convenient solutions are attractive for particularly large shops that are fully adapted to the individual requirements of the merchant.

Our Customers

DXP Development Services for Styla Customers

We care about our customers and their businesses, and are constantly improving our skills and technology to build on years of trust. As an official Styla partner, we offer external support and development services by customizing and developing individual modules and providing comprehensive IT support to our Styla clients. We make working with Styla products easy and efficient.

Ultra Fast Storefront. Frontend extension development and personal customization.

The most successful platforms are those that best meet the specific needs of our clients. Blackbit's DXP team works hard to provide our customers access to the most convenient and functional platforms possible. Companies are well-advised to choose an e-commerce solution that already covers the most important functions as standard. If the standard is not sufficient, we offer a comprehensive service for the development of Styla front-end extensions (Ultra Fast Storefront).

Customized modules can be created through collaboration between the Blackbit DXP team and the Styla platform. A modern development approach helps implement API calls for a variety of ads: from banner and tile module development to full flexibility in CTA placement and video module development including optimization of playout for different viewports.

Easy Integration and Migration Between Shop Systems

The world of digital commerce is constantly changing. The technical development has to adapt to this change and so our customers may be forced to change their e-commerce platform.

Imagine being able to change your shop system without losing your content. With the Styla CMS this is possible. Styla CMS can be integrated into almost any e-commerce platform. Optimize the user experience of your customers today without having to wait for a new e-commerce platform.

PWA development (PWA makes your store feel like a native app)

In recent years, the habits and needs of clients have changed dramatically. Many have been forced to switch from vibrant social life to an exclusively mobile form of communication. Pandemic isolation has not only affected people's habits and needs, but it has also forced companies to adapt to this change. Customers around the world have immediately moved to online shopping: Food, clothing, appliances, and many other areas are now ordered online.

To help you meet the modern needs of your customers, Blackbit's DXP team offers PWA technology, which instantly makes the mobile version of your website look like a native application with intuitive handling. This design makes the use of your shop comfortable, meets all customer needs, does not limit the choice of devices used for use, and makes the shopping experience perfect - starting with the selection of goods in the catalog to the smooth ordering of the desired products.

Programming of Styla CMS extensions.

Styla is best described as flexible, adaptable, and customizable. This kind of successful flexibility requires continuous and caring handling. Blackbit is an official Styla partner and provides full back-end support to maintain product flexibility in line with business needs. We take care of possible requirements, developments, or adjustments of the extensions to improve and facilitate the presentation and ordering of your product.

BigCommerce vs. Pimcore vs. Styla. Why Styla Could Be Right for You:

Thanks to the cooperation of Blackbit and Styla, custom modules can be created. A modern approach to development helps to implement API calls for a variety of ads: from the development of a banner and tile module to full flexibility in the placement of CTAs to the development of a video module including optimization of playout for different viewports. Furthermore, with Styla you have the possibility to place hotspots on mood images to link to specific products of your e-commerce platform.


No matter if you are still in the start-up phase of your business or if your business is already operating with a high sales volume: A combination of the Styla and BigCommerce platforms offers you all the features you need for more online growth.


Collect, manage, edit and distribute any digital product and master data for any channel and deliver user-centric, personalized customer experiences on any device!

Styla Frontend

Content is the engine of e-commerce. Styla combines content and e-commerce to create an outstanding user experience. With PWA technology, you push your Google Core Vitals as well as visibility and your conversions.

The stack of Styla front-end, BigCommerce, and Pimcore is the perfect foundation for your digital business and measures how your business is evolving.

Success Customer Stories: Styla Case Studies

Our client Sweet Squared wanted an appealing and informative website that would encourage visitors to learn all about the company's advanced portfolio of hair and beauty products. Another key objective: offering website visitors the opportunity to make quick and easy online purchases.

Based on the four cornerstones of quality, innovation, integrity, and expertise, Sweet Squared wanted to build a closer relationship with its customers. This goal was to be achieved by providing the online presence with the kind of content that today's industry professionals want. Sweet Squared set out to create a brand new user interface that would provide hairdressers, beauticians, and other industry professionals with an immersive online shopping experience.

With Styla, Sweet Squared quickly recorded new successes: the company can now react much faster to market developments and make important web decisions promptly. The company can find solutions with just a few mouse clicks and implement them immediately. The Styla platform not only saves precious time and money but also allows Sweet Squared to be much more flexible and experimental in its marketing.

Combined with the highly popular educational support program, the company now has a more robust business approach and a sharper competitive edge. The most tangible benefits Sweet Squared's management team has seen so far are a significant increase in average user sessions, which have risen by an impressive 20%. Another very positive result is that visitors are now spending much more time on the company's sleek new website, accessible at www.sweetsquared.com.

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