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Senior Frontend Developer (m/f/d)

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We understand complicated things and make them simple. We are able to see every detail as well as the big picture. We plan precisely and react spontaneously. We fight for the best idea and satisfied customers. We love our agency, our work and the life itself.

Alexander Strizhakov

Site management Kiev

+380 63 779 75-32

Engineering Director Alexander is responsible for corporate development at the Kiev site. He has both feet firmly planted in his fast-paced environment and uses agile methods to optimise Blackbit's operational processes. To do this, he sets up project teams, implements SDLC practices in all areas of the company and develops cross-organisational and cross-project processes.

Yuliia Shynder

UX/UI design

+380 63 779 75-32

Yuliia is no stranger to the concept of work-life balance, quite the opposite: as a UX/UI designer, she not only sees design as a tool for web design in client projects, she also finds the aspects of UX/UI in her everyday life. Everything she touches, she does with enthusiasm and dedication - be it the perfect interface for a web shop or the detailed, artistic embroidery of a cushion. Yulia's passion for design is boundless, just like her love for cats.

Valeriia Zaviriukha

Frontend development

+380 63 779 75-32

For Valeriia, developing a deeper understanding means not just scratching the surface, but diving deep into a subject. Shopware 6, CMS, xt:Commerce and Styla - Valeriia has already acquired a decent portfolio, which she is continuously expanding. Her latest hobbyhorse is the JavaScript web framework Vue.js. In her private life, too, she is very inquisitive: she is passionate about history, costumes from different eras and the way of life of the people - whereby she prefers the renaissance of Italy and Spain. She strictly separates these very different fields of interest and keeps her tasks in focus.

Sergiy Osipchuk

Senior Full Stack Development

+380 63 779 75-32

Always ready for the next challenge, with his eyes on the horizon. Sergiy's clear, direct communication and quick thinking drive customer projects forward and fit perfectly with Blackbit's agile organisational concept. During the day he shines in Pimcore, in the evening he dreams of a trip around the world. Keep it up, Sergiy!

Vyacheslav Semeniy

QA Automation Engineering

+380 63 779 75-32

The fact that Vyacheslav likes to take responsibility for things explains his choice of profession, because the quality automation developer checks whether everything is running as it should. If that's not the case, he gets behind it until it works again. When he's not busy looking for improvements and optimisation options, he's deepening his Python knowledge for an automated efficient workflow. A perfect Sunday for him means spending time with his wife or optimising his skills on the wakeboard.

Serhii Shatylo

Senior Software Development

+380 63 779 75-32

Serhii feels at home in the Internet of Things. He takes the development of hardware and software with him after work and integrates his passion into all areas of his life. The full-blooded PHP developer with enthusiasm for the world of birds and everything to do with the open source platform Pimcore prefers to spend his free time together with his family in unknown and preferably quiet places in untouched nature.

Natalia Beznosko


+380 63 779 75-32

Our UX/UI-Designer with a big passion for technology. As soon as Natalia sits at the laptop and the hot coffee steams in the cup next to her, her thoughts flow almost by themselves. "If you can dream it, you can achieve it" is more than just a guiding principle for her: she lives and loves designing and outgrows herself every day. On weekends, she likes to retreat and loves spending time with her family, preferably by the sea.

Bohdan Skuba

Software development

+380 63 779 75-32

At Blackbit, the motivated PHP developer Bohdan gets everything out of himself and raises the bar high. As a multi-tasker, he immerses himself in his work and successfully moves projects forward with the necessary extra portion of responsibility. True to his motto: "Do everything better than the others".

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